Mining Industry Training

Strategic Corporate Training has been delivering  training programs for the resource and infrastructure industry for over 10 years.  We have built a leading position in the mining  sector by combining solid knowledge with industry experience through our highly skilled training professionals.

Strategic Corporate Training regularly delivers the following resource industry courses at our Thornton training facility:

Strategic Corporate Training provides training in the following Resource and Infrastructure qualifications to organisations for group bookings:

  • RII20320 Cert II Underground Coal Mining *

  • RII30220 Cert III Underground Coal Operations *

  • RII40420 Cert IV Underground Coal Operations 

  • RII30320 Cert III Underground Metalliferous Mining *

  • RII20920 Cert II Drilling Operations *

  • RII30820 Cert III Drilling Operations *

  • RII40920 Cert IV Drilling Operations

  • RII30120 Cert III in Surface Extraction Operations *

  • RII30420 Cert III in Resource Processing *

 * Strategic Corporate Training is an approved provider of the NSW government to deliver fee-free traineeships under Smart and Skilled.

Maintenance of Competence Scheme

Strategic Corporate Training has developed training programs to assist individuals and mine sites in meeting the Maintenance of Competence Scheme for Practising Certificates introduced by the NSW Resources Regulator.  More information is available at Maintenance of Competence Training.

Learning From Disasters

The NSW Resources Regulator has developed a Learning from Disasters training package to ensure mine workers learn from past mining disasters. The programs incorporate the findings from investigations and independent reviews of mining incidents that involved fatalities and serious injury, or where the circumstances presented a significant risk of injury or death to workers or the wider community.

Strategic Corporate Training is an approved provider of the NSW Resources Regulator’s Learning From Disasters one-day training program (Provider No. 0003634).  Training is conducted by our highly skilled trainers who are also mining statutory qualified.

The Learning From Disasters program is targeted to practising certificate holders for any class of mine to satisfy their maintenance of competence requirement.

An interactive timeline of NSW mining disasters from the late 1800s has been developed by the NSW Resources Regulator to communicate lessons from past disasters and conserve knowledge within the mining industry. The timeline links to further information on a selection of these disasters, including reports of Royal Commissions and other inquiries, newspaper and journal articles, photographs and links to websites.

For more information on attending this specialised course conducted by Strategic Corporate Training, contact our Training Admin Team on 1300 153 249 or at